Jackson Street
"The Pavonia Room” takes its inspiration from the Legion of Honor exhibition The Cult of Beauty and the Aesthetic movement it chronicles, while bringing that sensibility into the 21st century. The color palette-- coppery oranges and blues--is drawn from the iconic Lord Leighton portrait, Pavonia. With its poetic vaults and intimate scale, the architecture of the room evokes the sensibility of the era. In an edgier take on Aesthetic, the room is wrapped in a burnt orange, hand-printed botanical print by iconoclastic Glasgow design house Timorous Beasties, whose wallpapers are affectionately referred to as “William Morris on acid.” A spectacular, custom, hand-blown glass chandelier by artist John Pomp casts a glow on the space. Pomp, schooled in the Venetian art of glassblowing in Murano, Italy, crafted a celestial chandelier composed of three spheres etched with gold leaf. The centerpiece of the room is The Popova Desk by Sylvan Fiss. Inspired by the facets and unique geometric makeup of a gemstone, this limited edition piece is made of mahogany and brass. A provocative photograph by Katy Grannan from Fraenkel Gallery anchors the space. To quote The Cult of Beauty exhibition catalogue, “The hours when the mind is absorbed by beauty are the only hours we live."